Useful Health Tips – Why and How to Lose Weight to Stay Healthy

These useful health tips are for you – if you have the phobia stepping up to your bathroom scales, have more chins than a Chinese phone book, or simply hate the sight of your spare tyre spilling over your waist line.Why bother? Here is why: Do you know the statistics for overweight people in America? 2 out of every 3 Americans are overweight. That translates to 200 million Americans.How does overweight affect you?1. Diseases: overweight is associated with some of the most dreaded diseases today, like:o diabeteso cardiovascular diseaseo many types of cancers2. Loss of sex appeal and libido: you lose your attractiveness to the opposite sex when you are overweight. It was also clinically proven that overweight affects sex lives of both sexes; they are likely to be mediocre in sex. Many overweight women lose the ability to be sexually aroused; overweight men often suffer from erectile dysfunction.What can you do about it? 1. Diet: The topic of diet is a big one. A mere few hundred words here can never do justice to this subject. There are many volumes of good books and probably several million pages over the internet on diets. Go read a good book or visit the internet for information to get useful health tips on diets.2. Exercise: it is a fact that humans are getting fatter as they adopt more sedentary lifestyles. Our forefathers were hunters and gatherers; they had to sweat and toil from dawn to dusk. People nowadays people lead a truly lazy lifestyle – everything is available at the touch of a button or the flick of a switch. We no longer ride horses to go to places; in their place we have automobiles.Here are some useful health tips for exercises:o Walk where you can rather than drive. Don’t always go for the car park that’s nearest or most convenient. Use that opportunity to walk.o Take a walk up the stairs where possible rather than depending on the elevatoro Do at least half an hour of vigorous exercise or one hour of less vigorous exercise a dayo Drop that couch potato habit3. Weight loss program: Join a proven weight loss program. But be on the lookout for those sham programs that promise the heaven.Here are some useful health tips on what to watch out for in a weight loss program 😮 Is its result proven? Research their websites and read testimonialso Should not be overly expensiveo Should not claim that you can only lose a limited amount of weighto Should not require some crazy equipment that you need to exercise witho Should not require some secret potion or pill for you to takeo Most importantly, there must be an iron clad MONEY BACK GUARANTEEIn conclusion, these useful health tips for weight loss should let you take a step in the right direction towards a happy and more fulfilling life.